Temper Pastry Chocolate

Temper Pastry Chocolate is a gourmet chocolate and pastry shop is located in West Vancouver.

chocolate_store_1The programme requirements for the 1400 square foot store included allocating space for fully functioning chocolate and pastry kitchens while maintaining an inviting open retail & café experience. The clean contemporary design was used to provide a clean and unadorned backdrop for the innovative quality of chef Steven Hodge’s handcrafted products. Custom glass display cases, natural materials and linear lighting were used in order to achieve the bright, clutter free layout of the space. An array of cut-off rolling pins and glass shelves were used to create a unique and functional display for the products. Windows in the wall separating the kitchen and retail spaces add to the open concept, providing a view for customers to experience the process and specialty of the product being created on site.

chocolate_store_2Subtle accents were used to support the overall design concept: from the pendant lights chosen for their “pastry” aesthetic, to the custom wall covering with embedded light box of original graphics and the custom entry door pull branded with the client’s logo.





chocolate_store_6Temper garnered an A.R.E. Design Award for Retail Design, recently held in Las vegas.

Photography ©2014 Janis Nicolay.

Chocolate and Pastries

Hands went up quickly in the office when our latest project walked through the door.

These design sketches show the soon-to-be “Temper Chocolate & Pastry” in West Vancouver. Utilizing vertical grain fir and Carrara marble, this 1,200 sq.ft. retail space is set to open later this year.

We’ll continue to update as construction begins as both the interiors and branding develop.





Noodlebox opens on Shelbourne

Evoke has been working on the new interior design concepts for the Noodlebox franchise. The first completed store is Shelbourne Victoria, with many more to come in short order.

Here are some shots from a quick site visit this week, highlighting some of the material features: pine beetle wood furniture & millwork, lights made from well-used woks, and vintage chairs.

Noodlebox - Shelbourne, Victoria, BC
Noodlebox - Shelbourne, Victoria, BC
Noodlebox - Shelbourne, Victoria, BC
Noodlebox - Shelbourne, Victoria, BC

Bel Café

Our design for David Hawksworth’s Bel Cafe is a reflection of the heritage materials used in the Hotel Georgia lobby, utilised in a contemporary setting. Materials selected reflect the character of a European cafe: rich dark wood panelling and cabinetry; zinc service counters and tabletops; honed black granite floors; and classic leather and wool upholstery seating. The cafe features a long service counter with display cases, display shelves and a dining area that seats 20.

A custom chandelier, fashioned from chromed ribbons of aluminum, greets customers at the entrance, with banquette seating on either side. Menu boards supported by the wood ceiling give a casual, vintage nod to the typical French cafe. Custom designed wallpaper, in a palette of soft colours, reflects the overall aesthetic of the cafe.

Photos © Copyright: Janis Nicolay. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

In Progress: Spectus Eyewear

Construction is nearly complete on our design for the interior of Spectus Eyewear’s new location on Fourth Avenue.


PUBLISHED: Space – Commune Cafe

We’re proud to announce that Commune Cafe, which we completed towards the end of last year, is featured in the new hard-cover book, “RESTAURANT“. The book is part of the SPACE Series by Hong Kong publishers Beisi Studio.

Commune was recognized for it’s overall design aesthetic and the melding of interior and graphic design.

Not a bad way to kick off 2011.

Photography: Janis Nicolay Photography.

PUBLISHED: 21st Century Bars

Evoke International Design is proud to announce the latest release by Images Publishing Group, of “21st Century Bars”, featuring two Evoke designed Vancouver hot spots, The Cascade Room on Main Street and Gastown’s The Irish Heather.

21st Century Bars”, is a 240 page hardcover book featuring the best designed bars from around the world, from London to New York, Berlin to Melbourne, and is currently available online at www.imagespublishinggroup.com

The Images Publishing Group is one of the best-known international publishers of architecture and interior design titles.

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