Arne Jacobsen’s SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen: Michael Sheridan speaks at Inform Interiors.

SASsheridan_IMG_7208Evoke was lucky enough to attend the inspirational lecture by New York-based architect Michael Sheridan about the SAS Royal Hotel on Tuesday. The lecture was part of the Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life Speaker’s Series.

Mr. Sheridan spoke at length about the Arne Jacobsen designed Hotel in Copenhagen, and of the inspiration he drew from his experience of staying in Room 606 (for which he subsequently wrote: Room 606 – The SAS House and the Work of Arne Jacobsen).

The SAS Royal Hotel, designed for Scandinavian Airlines Systems, has also become known for being the birthplace of both the Egg and Swan chairs which Jacobsen designed specifically for the Hotel, in collaboration with Fritz Hansen

Thanks, as always, to Inform Interiors for continuing to present such inspiring events.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto courtesy of seier+seier

Michael Sheridan is an internationally recognized scholar of 20th-century Danish architecture and design.
The SAS Grand Hotel is featured in Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life, now on at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
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