The Big Don’t Argue


The Big Don’t Argue” is a piece of art created for the new Match Bar at Gateway Casinos in New Westminster. Throughout all our design work for Gateway we contribute, in addition to the interior design, ‘touch points’ based on local stories and iconography.

The Big Don’t Argue” was inspired by the “no holds barred” approach of longtime New Westminster Bruins hockey coach, and later owner, Ernie “Punch” McLean.

Bel Café

Our design for David Hawksworth’s Bel Cafe is a reflection of the heritage materials used in the Hotel Georgia lobby, utilised in a contemporary setting. Materials selected reflect the character of a European cafe: rich dark wood panelling and cabinetry; zinc service counters and tabletops; honed black granite floors; and classic leather and wool upholstery seating. The cafe features a long service counter with display cases, display shelves and a dining area that seats 20.

A custom chandelier, fashioned from chromed ribbons of aluminum, greets customers at the entrance, with banquette seating on either side. Menu boards supported by the wood ceiling give a casual, vintage nod to the typical French cafe. Custom designed wallpaper, in a palette of soft colours, reflects the overall aesthetic of the cafe.

Photos © Copyright: Janis Nicolay. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Roll & Hill at LightForm

A great afternoon was had yesterday with our friends at LightForm, who had lighting designers Jason Miller, Lindsey Adelman & Lukas Peet of Roll & Hill in the studio to talk about their latest designs.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that our Main Street Pilsner was flowing too!

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Now Available in 6 Packs!

Main Street Pilsner, our ongoing experiment of becoming self-sufficient, in conjunction with Public Lounge and The Cascade Room is now available in 6 Packs! Just in time for the Stanley Cup Finals & summer BBQ’s! Go Canucks, Go!

(Main Street Pilsner is brewed under licence by Russell Beer for Main Street Pilsner Co.).

Will Work For Beer

We’re very proud to be associated with a brand new product, Main Street Pilsner.

The recently launched 650mL bottle sports our spiffy Evoke-designed label. It seems that when a new beer is launched these days, they always try to outdo each other with fancy type, fancy images and fancy print treatments, so what better direction to go than the complete opposite?!! We took our inspiration from the ‘everyman’ ethos of the 70’s beer designs, stripped down the colours to a simple red and white palette, then threw in a patriotic reference of the maple leaf sitting large on the world stage.

Of course, we could say that the extensive taste-testing was required  to make sure “we understood the ‘personality’ of the beer”, but that all sounds like pretentious design-wank. Really we just love the beer and the logo represents that – crisp, clean and “no mess”.


Main Street Pilsner is a collaboration between The Cascade Room and Public Lounge and is available at both, as well as our friends at Habit. It’s also available at Brewery Creek Liquor Store!

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