Bel Café

Our design for David Hawksworth’s Bel Cafe is a reflection of the heritage materials used in the Hotel Georgia lobby, utilised in a contemporary setting. Materials selected reflect the character of a European cafe: rich dark wood panelling and cabinetry; zinc service counters and tabletops; honed black granite floors; and classic leather and wool upholstery seating. The cafe features a long service counter with display cases, display shelves and a dining area that seats 20.

A custom chandelier, fashioned from chromed ribbons of aluminum, greets customers at the entrance, with banquette seating on either side. Menu boards supported by the wood ceiling give a casual, vintage nod to the typical French cafe. Custom designed wallpaper, in a palette of soft colours, reflects the overall aesthetic of the cafe.

Photos © Copyright: Janis Nicolay. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

About evokeid
Formed in 2001, EVOKE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN™ incorporates conceptual thinking, spatial and interior design and graphic design to ensure consistent and coherent branded environments for its clients.

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