Private Residence: Point Grey

A couple of “almost final” renderings of a new private residence we’ve designed in Vancouver’s Point Grey area. Construction is scheduled to begin next week.

About evokeid
Formed in 2001, EVOKE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN™ incorporates conceptual thinking, spatial and interior design and graphic design to ensure consistent and coherent branded environments for its clients.

2 Responses to Private Residence: Point Grey

  1. David says:

    Once again, great work! I love how you show all the details in your renderings including the interior cabinetry, and landscaping. Looks really sharp. Keep up the excellent work.

    What type of exterior finish is that? and how well will it weather in our rainy climate?

    • evokeid says:

      Thanks for the compliment! The wood panelling is a resin based product made by Prodema. It is intended for all types of climates, and has been used a lot in Toronto, meaning good in extreme weather conditions, freeze-thaw etc. It’s also quite pricey!

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