PRESS: Evoke in the Holland Herald

Thanks to Charlene Rooke for her article extolling “Vancouver Cool” in the latest Holland Heraldmagazine.

From her article;

The east side of Vancouver has become another important corridor for the creative community. “Main Street has been an artistic hub of Vancouver for many years,” says Robert Edmonds, a partner in Evoke, a design firm that has put down roots in the area. “As designers, we find inspiration in these locations. We want to engage the neighbourhoods in which we live.” He and partner David Nicolay have designed hangouts that embody the style of modern Vancouver: funky eatery Habit, next-door gastro-pub The Cascade Room and the chic Latitude Wine Bar up the street. They are successful gathering places that “encourage people to meet and socialise,” Nicolay says, enriching both the neighbourhood and the creative community.

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About evokeid
Formed in 2001, EVOKE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN™ incorporates conceptual thinking, spatial and interior design and graphic design to ensure consistent and coherent branded environments for its clients.

2 Responses to PRESS: Evoke in the Holland Herald

  1. That’s great! Main street is pretty much the best area in Vancouver. No shortage of fantastic restaurants, coffee and shopping.

  2. False Nails says:

    wine bars are great. my father installed a wine bar in my home and my wife also loved it ;.,

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